über OCLA

Der Anlass hat mich auf den neuesten Stand der optischen Beschichtungen und vor allem der Laserzerstörschwellen der Beschichtungen gebracht.

Prof. Dr. Patrik Hoffmann, Leiter Werkstofftechnologie an der Empa und Professor an der ETH Lausanne


Symposium OCLA 2021

Due to the situation around the coronavirus the 6th OCLA-symposium was moved to March the 31st 2021.

We cordially invite you to the Symposium OCLA 2021 in Buchs SG, Switzerland.



09:00 a.m. Welcome Coffee

09:45 a.m. Welcome Notes

KEYNOTE LECTURE - Dr. G. Batavičiūtė, Lidaris Ltd., Lithuania:  Optics got damaged below specified LIDT: whom to blame when everybody is right?
Dr. M.B. Yaala, University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom: Fabrication of extreme performance optical coatings by ECR ion beam deposition

Session 1
K. Brückmann, OptoTec Optikmaschinen GmbH, Wettenberg, Germany: Optical Coatings for Laser Applicatinons
Dr. J. Nohava, Anton Paar TriTec SA, Corcelles, Switzerland: Determination of adhesion and mechanical properties of optical coatings by nanoscratch and nanoindentation
Dr. H. Hagedorn, Bühler Alzenau GmbH, Alzenau, Germany: Vacuum Coating Equipment for low-loss laser coatings
Dr. B. Rubin, Veeco Instruments Inc., Plainview, USA 12:20 p.m. Lunchz: Comparison of monochromatic and broadband optical monitoring for deposition of non-quarter wave filter designs

12:20 a.m. Lunch

Dr. C. Mühlig, Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technology, Jena, Germany: Linear and nonlinear absorption in optical coatings
Dr. Heidi Cattaneo, NTB Buchs, Buchs SG, Switzerland: Photothermal deflection measurements in LBO crystals at 355 nm
Dr. V. Wittwer, University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland: Mid-Infrared IBS Coatings for Laser Applications
L. Grineviciute, Center of Physical Sciences and Technology, Lithuaniaz: Deposition of multilayer optical coatings on corrugated surfaces for high-power micro-lasers
KEYNOTE LECTURE - Dr. N. Bonod, Aix-Maiseille University, FranceCompany: Diffraction Gratings for Chirped Pulse Amplification in High Power Lasers

Session 2
Dr. H. Hartung, Layertec GmbH, Mellingen, Germany: Beyond high power laser mirrors
R. Bernhardsgrütter, IST AG, Ebnat-Kappel, Switzerland: 3D-patterning using a short pulse laser to manufacture thermal sensors with high sensitivity and robustness

05.00 p.m. Apéro Riche


-->  Register here for the OCLA Symposium 2020. The participation is free of charge.


The planned visit at company VAT Vacuum Ltd., the leading supplier of high-performance high-end vacuum valves and modules, sceduled for day before OCLA, April 7th will prospectively not take place.

Due to the situation around the coronavirus we unfortunately had to postpone the Symposium OCLA 2020. The 6th OCLA-symposium is moved to March the 31st 2021. Pleases reserve this date in your agenda.

The Programme Committee

(in alphabetical order)
  • Prof. Dr. L. Gallais, Fresnel Institute
  • Dr. T. Gischkat, RhySearch
  • Dr. Ch. Harder, SwissPhotonics - Nationales thematisches Netzwerk NTN
  • Dr. C. Mühlig, Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technololgy
  • Prof. Dr. D. Ristau, Laser Zentrum Hannover
  • Prof. Dr. T. Südmeyer, University of Neuchâtel
  • Prof. Dr. C. Ziolek, NTB Buchs


The Organizing committee


The Call for Presentations and Posters is closed.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact Dr. Thomas Gischkat.

What was the last OCLA 2019 Symposium like?

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