Forschung & Entwicklung

RhySearch fördert Innovation durch Vernetzung und Wissenstransfer zwischen regionalen Hightech-Unternehmen und Forschungsinstitutionen – auch für Hilti.

Dr. Andreas Bong,
Head Corporate Research & Technology Hilti AG

Optical Coating

Optical coatings enable many applications in high-end technology as well as in every day tools and gadgets. The business unit Optical Coatings focuses on the systematic study of thin films and layer systems, including the simulation, the deposition, the modification and the characterisation of layer systems and interfaces.

Coating technology has a long tradition in our region. To support the local economy, RhySearch began in 2015 to invest in equipment and personnel in this sector. A state-of-the art Dual Ion Beam Sputtering System (DIBS) allows us to realize experimental designs, to support fast prototyping and to produce high-end optical coatings.

To analyse optical coatings a measurement station – the first of its kind in Switzerland – has been set up to measure Laser Induced Damage Threshold (LIDT) of substrates and optical components. A Cavity Ring Down (CRD) set-up enables RhySearch to measure scatter losses of coatings with very high accuracy and to measure the reflectivity of extremely good performing mirrors, respectively.

Join the OCLA Community - Optical Coatings for Laser Applications (OCLA) - and visit the annualy Symposium OCLAin Buchs SG, Switzerland.

LIDT - Laser Induced Damage Threshold Measurements

We have offered standard-compliant LIDT measurements since 2015. The system, the only one of its kind in Switzerland, was set up within the framework of the KTI-Project LIDT and was further extended in close cooperation with NTB Buchs to include more measuring options.

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IBS - Coatings System: Ion Beam Sputter System 

In addition to the characterisation of optical thin films, our range of products and services in the area of optical coatings also includes DIBS coatings. Our DIBS coating tool, a SPECTOR from Veeco with a high-speed target holder allow us to realize very dense and thus stable coatings with highest spectral requirements.

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CRD - Measurement method for optical coatings: Cavity Ring Down

Together with NTB Buchs, we developed the CRD technology for measuring total losses. In addition to the LIDT measuring technique, this provides further information and insight into coatings using vapour deposition or sputter processes with respect to optical losses within the thin layer system. This system is designed for very high reflectivity measurements (greater than 99.95%). Because the measuring system is highly sensitive, it can detect losses of up to a few parts per million (ppm). The measurement results can be used to further develop and improve low-loss coatings.

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