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Dr. Andreas Bong,
Head Corporate Research & Technology Hilti AG

CRD Measurements

Cavity Ring Down

RhySearch has offered Cavity Ring Down spectroscopy measurements (resonator cool-down measurements) since November 2016. This makes it possible to measure the total optical losses of optical materials and components. The total losses include all transmission, dispersion and absorption losses.

The cooling-down time of the resonator equates to the average lifetime of a photon in the resonator and is used to calculate the total losses.

Our measuring station offers you measurements:

  • at 1064 nm wavelengths (Q-switched Nd:YAG laser)
  • at 638 nm wavelengths (diode laser)
  • under the angles of incidence 0°, 12°, 30°, 45°
  • other angle settings are possible if the system is prepared correspondingly


In addition to this, you will receive:

  • a detailed test report
  • support in assessing the qualification of suppliers
  • support in the development of production processes

For a sketch of the construction principle, click here.


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