LIDT Dienstleistung

Dank des LIDT-Messsystems in direkter Nähe und dem Messangebot von RhySearch war es innerhalb kurzer Zeit möglich, ganz flexibel schnelle Resultate von unseren Qualifizierungschargen zu bekommen. Durch dieses schnelle Feedback war eine quasi instantane Prozessoptimierung möglich.

Bernd Eiermann, WZW OPTIC AG

LIDT Measurements

Laser Induced Damage Threshold

Laser Induced Damage Threshold

RhySearch has offered Laser Induced Damage Threshold measurements since June 2015. These are carried out in accordance with ISO standards 21254(1-4). 

Our measuring station offers:


  • Wavelength 355 nm, 532 nm and 1064 nm (linearly polarised); effective pulse width (FWHM) 5-10 ns; repetition rate up to 50 Hz
  • 1030 nm laser source for tests in the femtosecond range; effective pulse width (FWHM) 580 fs; repetition rate 50 kHz - 1 MHz
  • Facilities for conducting degradation tests of samples by simulating various environmental influences (inert gases, humidity, temperature and pressure)


You can...

  • choose different test methods:
    - single pulse measurements (1-on-1)
    - multiple pulse measurements (S-on-1)
    - laser destruction certification tests at certain energy levels
  • receive an ISO21254 standard test report for the results


In addition to this, you will receive:

  • support in assessing the qualification of suppliers
  • support in the development of production processes


For a sketch of the system layout and further information on measurements, click here.

Frequently asked questions (pdf)


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Do you have any questions? Dr. Roelene Botha  will be able to provide you with more detailed information.


Images of defects as seen under a microscope


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