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Dr. Andreas Bong,
Head Corporate Research & Technology Hilti AG


Practical control and monitoring over time of dielectric coating processes

The production of dielectric optical coatings with low particle density remains a challenge and is becoming increasingly important to ensure high yield production and consequently the competitiveness of Swiss companies. This consortium project PRACMATIC suggests focusing on finding practical, industrial methods for eliminating the creation of particles during the deposition of dielectric coatings and developing robust, easy-to-use and cost effective in-process diagnostic tools and software for monitoring the coating processes and particle generation.

The suggested project will combine the expertise from both research and consortium partner production environments along the process chain, with comprehensive real-time deposition process data, metrology data on samples between deposition runs, newly developed in-situ process control data and different tooling and system cleaning processes. Together, this will be used to make informed process decisions and jointly develop innovative system cleaning, deposition and purging processes as well as implementing and testing processes for the individual partners. This will pave the way for future production processes delivering predictable quality.

Kontakt: Dr. Roelene Botha, Division Mananger Optical Coating, +41 (0)81 755 49 66


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