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Für unsere Unternehmen ist RhySearch eine wichtige Drehscheibe für neue Technologien und Innovation.

Markus Probst,
Präsident AGV Sarganserland-Werdenberg

Precision manufacturing

It is becoming increasingly important in many industrial applications to have ultra-precise components. This trend also applies to the high-tech industry of the region. We are thus organising this central area of research with our research partners.  

Precision Manufacturing At RhySearch - what we offer


Installation of our precision drilling machine (time-lapse)

Operational implementation in the technological field of ultra-precision manufacturing

Many local companies in the MEM sector (Mechanical, Electrical and Metal Industry) have specialised in the precision manufacture of high-quality components and assemblies. We would like to help companies in the field of ultra-precision manufacturing to progress and therefore we build up our own basis of research expertise under the scientific guidance of Prof. K. Wegener (ETH). We have our research partners inspire AG (area of expertise: production engineering) and NTB Buchs (area of expertise: measurement technology) to assist us in this area over the next few years. We exchange ideas and information with interested companies to ensure we coordinate effectively with the local economy.  You are cordially invited to be a part of our organisation.

Our Projects

CTI project: High and ultra-precision automated production

The goal of a consortium consisting of representatives of the economy and research is to produce ultra-precision parts (ultra-precision manufacturing UPM). RhySearch has taken on board and bundled the various interests of the companies and in 2017, it launched its first project together with several business partners. The project funded by the CTI aims to facilitate automated high and ultra-precision manufacturing technology (surface roughness in the nanometre range and dimensional accuracy in the range below 0.3 nanometres). This step will, among other things, cut down on production costs. The managers of the project are working closely together with inspire AG.

Digitisation: "Werkstatt4"

The region’s industry is successful in producing and selling precision machinery, instruments and components on the world market. In order to master the imminent digital revolution of “Industry 4.0”, there is a demand for new precision manufacturing models of the future. That is why we are currently working on a model workshop called "Werkstatt4” in collaboration with other companies in the region as well as with our cooperation partners. This will form the basis of a modern production organisation - with networked machines, digitally identified workpieces and intelligent control systems. The University of Liechtenstein will also be offering its support to the development of new business models suitable for handling "Industry 4.0".

media release of the event "Vision Werkstatt4" (german)


Support in the selection of the appropriate manufacturing process

In a customer project the company was supported in in the selection of a suitable manufacturing process for the production of very small workpieces (dimensions: a few millimetres) for medical applications. Technological as well as business criteria were included in an new evaluation matrix.

An initial project for digitisation in the manufacturing industry was launched in January 2017. Together with the Konstanz University of Applied Sciences, the NTB and the Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences, RhySearch set up the International Model Workshop i4Production under the IBH Labs of the Internationale Bodensee-Hochschule (IBH). Its purpose is to demonstrate how an "Industry 4.0” process landscape can be configured in a way that is sustainable, efficient and productive. This project was approved in September 2016 by the European initiative INTERREG as part of IBH-Labs KMUdigital The activities conducted within the project are reported on at various events

i4Production on Youtube


Digitale Transformation

Die fertigende Industrie stellt sich dem digitalem Wandel. RhySearch unterstützt diese mit ihren Fragestellungen zur Digitalisierung/ Industrie 4.0.

Digitalisierung: Positionierung von RhySearch