RhyTalk - Knowledge over lunch

"Most innovations fail. And companies that don't innovate die." (Henry Chesbrough, 2003). Companies need to innovate. In RhyTalk, experts invited by RhySearch provide information on emerging development trends, so that innovators can better assess their own needs at an early stage and gain a competitive advantage.

More information to the current RhyTalk you can find here

RhyTalk keeps you informed about emerging technology topics and entrepreneurial trends.

  • Venue: The venue changes as it takes place at the headquarters of the company or institutions that sponsor RhyTalk.
  • Time: RhyTalk takes place 2-3 times a year at lunchtime.
  • Attendance: invitations are sent out through our newsletter, which is published 2-3 times a year, and through our partner networks. Information is posted on our website.


Procedure of a RhyTalk (subject to deviations)

12 noon Welcome of the guests
           Presentation by a recognized expert on an innovative or technological trend topic
           Possibly short discussion
1 p.m. Snack/ coffee
2 p.m. Farewell

You would like to sponsor a RhyTalk? Then please get in contact with Bärbel Selm.


Topics of previous RhyTalks:

  • More innovation with swarm creativity (2020)
  • Eastern Switzerland innovation revolutionizes shoe industry (2019)
  • Predictive Maintenance with Deep Learning (2019)
  • With Big Data Analytics to Innovations (2019)
  • The importance of interfaces in the Rhine Valley border region (2018)
  • Innovation management in the age of digitalization (2017)
  • Research on additive manufacturing (2017)
  • ...




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