Microtech Matchmaking Tour

Microtech Matchmaking Tour Eastern Switzerland

During that day, organized by Innovation Booster MicrotechMicrocity and Swissoptic  we would like to bring together experts from different fields, from the Eastern and the Western part of Switzerland.

This matchmaking event tour aims for both, partners seeking an innovative solution and potential technology providers. Participants will also benefit from insights on current technology topics and will visit labs and companies in the region of Saint-Gall. During this day with a rich program, you will be able to visit the laboratories of OST-Ostschweizer Fachhochschule and RhySearch. and get presentations from Swissoptic and Fenwerkoptik Z√ľnd. 

You will have the opportunity to network with potential project partners and, maybe, start to discuss a collaboration project that can be funded by the Innovation Booster Microtech.

More information and the link for the application here.  

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