First RhySearch doctoral student successfully completes his dissertation

from l.t.r.: Prof. Dr. Jan vom Brocke, Dr. Valentin Holzwarth, Denise Mauritsch und Henri Holzwarth

RhySearch warmly congratulates our colleague Valentin Holzwarth, who received his doctorate in economic sciences from the University of Liechtenstein in April at a ceremony. After four years of doctoral studies, he was also awarded the top grade summa cum laude by his doctoral supervisor Prof. Dr Jan vom Brocke.

In his dissertation, Valentin Holzwarth dealt with concrete use cases of digital technologies in the context of the construction industry, such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).  

The doctorate and his position as a doctoral student at RhySearch were made possible by the generous support of the Hilti Family Foundation, which not only supported internationally recognised and award-winning research in this context, but also the sustainable development of regional and supra-regional collaborations with the University of Liechtenstein and the Innovation Center Virtual Reality (ICVR) at ETH Zurich.

In his future role as a PostDoc, he will further expand precisely these collaborations and continue previous research activities in the field of digitisation. The results will be made available by RhySearch to companies in the region, for example via the Future of Precision Manufacturing event taking place on 12 May and the Werkstatt4 innovation platform.

We are very happy about the great success of our dear colleague, and especially that Valentin will continue to work for RhySearch! We wish you much success and joy for your new task!

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