Seien Sie dabei: Integration von Aktuatoren in additiv gefertigte Komponenten - NTN Innovation Booster - Microtech

Wir suchen Partner!

Im Rahmen des NTN Innovation Booster - Microtech wollen inspire AG und RhySearch eine hochinnovative Technologie zur realen Anwendung bringen, die eine es ermöglicht, bestehende Komponenten zu optimieren oder sogar ganz neue Geschäftsmodelle zu generieren. Dafür suchen wir Industriepartner, die Potenzial sehen bei Anwendungen mit integrierten Sensorik- und Aktorik-Elementen in additiv gefertigten Bauteilen sehen.


Weitere News

Annual report 2023

We are pleased to present our annual report for the past year 2023. It offers a brief insight into our activities, successes and challenges over the past year. Of course, 2023 was strongly…

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On 11 June 2024, RhySearch had the pleasure of co-hosting the OST Technology Day'24 alongside the Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences (SATW) and the Switzerland Innovation Park OST.

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On 30 May 2024, we welcomed students from the University of Bern's Masters in Precision Engineering to RhySearch. Lectures on precision manufacturing and metrology in collaboration with the OST…

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ALD represents a versatile and exciting technique to deposit a range of materials for use in diverse applications. With respect to the optics industry, while challenges remain regarding the deposition…

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