RhySearch promotes innovation through networking and knowledge transfer between regional high-tech companies and research institutions - also for Hilti.

Dr. Andreas Bong,
Head Corporate Research & Technology Hilti AG

RhySearch Whitepaper

Our team regularly publishes Whitepaper on current topics from our research areas and developments in our industry. These in-depth reports provide you with insights into our work and practical information.


Digital Innovation Lab

Digital Twins- Classification and Examples

Diverse technical applications utilize digital twins. However, the term “digital twin” encompasses a wide spectrum of meanings, often lacking clarity regarding its specific attributes, and what parts of the real system it represents. This Whitepaper proposes a classification of digital twins based on two criteria: the type of communication between the digital twin and reality, and the simulation speed at which the digital twin mirrors reality. This classification is supported by numerous practical examples illustrating the classification.

Author: Prof. Dr. habil. Michael Schreiner

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Optical Coating and Characterization Lab

Atomic Layer Deposition at RhySearch

Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) is a well-established coating technique in the semiconductor industry and is now becoming an increasingly attractive option in the field of optics for coating of components with complex geometries. In this Whitepaper we outline some fundamentals of ALD and the benefits and challenges it offers for optical designs. In addition we describe the deposition system and ALD process development at RhySearch.

Author: Éamon O’Connor

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