LIDT Service

Thanks to the LIDT measurement system in the immediate vicinity and the measurement offer from RhySearch, it was possible to get very flexible quick results from our qualification batches within a short time. Due to this fast feedback, a quasi instantaneous process optimization was possible.

Bernd Eiermann, WZW OPTIC AG

IBS Coating

Ion Beam Sputtering

Ion Beam Sputtering (the IBS process) is known as the preferred technology for the production of high-quality optical coatings. The particles that collide with the substrate have a higher kinetic energy than other PVD coating technologies. This enables the deposition of particularly dense, stable and low-loss coatings on different substrates.

The properties of the coatings can be improved even further through the use of dual ion beam technology (DIBS). This technique can, for example, generate coatings with higher laser induced damage thresholds (LIDT).


The IBS system, a SPECTOR system from Veeco Instruments, is equipped with two ion beams (Dual Ion Beam Sputtering DIBS) for the most demanding optical coatings. For high-precision deposition of coatings and control of the coating thickness, the system is equipped with the latest optical monitoring system, which characterises and controls the layer growth on the substrate during the entire coating process. This facilitates the deposition of most complicated coating designs.


RhySearch invites partners who are interested in exploring the superior capabilities of our DIBS system to contact us. We will gladly carry out services on your behalf such as:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Research projects
  • Prototypes and pilot production runs


You will receive:

  • Support in the development of your production processes
  • Detailed reports


If you need more detailed information or have any questions: contact us

Characteristics of the IBS System

• Targets for Ta2O5, HfO2, SiO2, more on request
• Substrate sizes up to 4 inches (approx. 10 cm), more on request
• VIS-NIR optical broadband monitoring
• High-speed substrate holder for deposition uniformities better than 0.1%

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