No precision manufacturing without appropriate environmental conditions!

Our state-of-the-art machinery is located in our air-conditioned manufacturing laboratory with a constant temperature of 20 ± 0.5 °C. Excitation of our machines by external vibrations is minimized thanks to the location of the laboratory in the building (basement). 

Further expansion of manufacturing technologies is in planning – do not hesitate to contact us.

5-axis machining center


The 5-axis machining center "KERN Micro HD" (Data sheet) from KERN Microtechnik GmbH was delivered and successfully commissioned in April 2020. With this, RhySearch further expands its manufacturing capabilities. Cubic workpieces made of a wide variety of materials, for example carbides, hardened tool steels or millable ceramics, can now also be machined. Due to the hydrostatic guides, linear drives and optimized temperature management, the highest demands regarding accuracy and productivity are met. 

Talk to our experts about your needs: E-Mail to Dr. Thomas Liebrich.

Ultra precision lathe

The ultra-precision lathe was put into operation in 2018 as part of a research project funded by Innosuisse. Since then, the facility, which is unique in Switzerland, has offered RhySearch and its partners the possibility to manufacture prototypes and individual pieces of the most demanding precision components. The achievable manufacturing tolerances are 0.1 µm for shape deviations (for 100 mm workpiece diameter) and surface roughness Ra <5 nm.

Learn more details in our  data sheet oder contact us.

Material processing with ultrashort pulse laser

The 5-axis machining center "GL.compact II" from GFH GmbH was successfully commissioned at the beginning of 2022. This opens the way for RhySearch to micro-machine and functionalize surfaces. Using ultrashort laser pulses with pulse durations of less than 300 femtoseconds, materials such as metals, plastics, glass, ceramics, diamond or silicon can be processed with the highest precision - micro-drilling, fine cutting, ablation, laser turning as well as structuring. By using a water-cooled optical scanner and trepanning optics based on rotating cylindrical lenses, sharp-edged structures can be produced in a very short time with high aspect ratios. With the integrated software-based control of the process strategies, even very complex geometries or free-form surfaces can be created using CAD data sets. In this way, machining quality and efficiency can be optimized in a targeted manner.

If you are interested or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our expert Dr. Rodolphe Catrin.

Ultra precision coordinate measuring machine

Our Ultra-Precision Manufacturing Lab has a multi-sensor measuring device with tactile and optical probe systems. This allows tolerances of components in the sub-micrometer range to be checked with reasonable measurement uncertainties. The offer complements the existing in-house capabilities at the Buchs campus in the field of geometric inspection of form, dimensional and positional deviations with uncertainties <<0.1 µm. 

  • Werth 3D fiber probe for micro geometries
  • Renishaw SP25 for macro geometries 
  • 1D optical confocal probe systems
  • 1D interferometric measuring head system
  • 2D image processing with fixed and variable optics

Talk to our experts about your needs: E-Mail to Dr. Thomas Liebrich

collaborative robot arm

Robot arm "LBR iiwa 14 R820" from KUKA AG with integrated sensor technology, for collision detection and sensitive tasks such as joining and assembly.


  • Large reach of 820 mm;
  • Very maneuverable due to seven axes;
  • Connected to the MTC 650 UP by a guidance system.


Lapping machine

Applications of the lapping machine "ELAP 700" from Bierther Submikron GmbH: for fine grinding, lapping and polishing of components up to Ø248 mm


  • Flatness of the clamping surface 1 - 2 µm;
  • Working discs Ø610 mm;
  • Power 2.2 kW;
  • voltage 400 V;
  • speed control 20-60 rpm;
  • Dimensions 1233 mm x 1233 mm x 960 mm ;
  • Weight 710 kg.

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