5-axis machining center

In the machining of cubic workpieces, a technological leap is necessary in order to meet the ever-increasing market demands for geometric accuracy and surface quality of workpieces. This technological leap without loss of workshop suitability is realized by the latest generation of machines from KERN Microtechnik GmbH: in contrast to very specific processing machines for micro-machining, the latest machining center from KERN Microtechnik GmbH uniquely combines a wide range of requirements such as maximum accuracy, rough and ultra-fine machining in the same workpiece set-up, the possibility of 5-axis simultaneous machining, processing of a wide range of materials and workpiece dimensions as well as options for automation.

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Key values of the machine

5-axis machining center "KERN Micro HD" from KERN Microtechnik GmbH.
Machining of hard metals, hardened tool steels, titanium alloys, copper alloys, heavy metals, millable ceramics or hard ceramics;
Travels X / Y / Z of 350 mm / 220 mm / 200 mm;
Traverse speed up to 60 m/min;
Volumetric workpiece accuracy <2 µm;
Surface roughness Ra <10 nm;
Hydrostatically mounted linear axes with linear drives;
Spindle (HSK-E40) up to 42'000 min-1;
Optimized temperature management with ±0.05K control accuracy;
Heidenhain TNC 640 control for 5-axis simultaneous machining.

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