RhySearch promotes innovation through networking and knowledge transfer between regional high-tech companies and research institutions - also for Hilti.

Dr. Andreas Bong,
Head Corporate Research & Technology Hilti AG

Innovation must create added value


RhySearch offers technology-oriented companies attractive services to enable them to innovate efficiently. Because ever shorter technology and product life cycles mean: new products and services must be brought to market even faster. In cooperation with selected partners, we provide you with practical support for innovation - from the idea to its implementation.



We deal with future challenges on a daily basis. A wide variety of ideas, problems and innovative requests from new and existing partners converge at RhySearch. Our goal is to advance applied research and development projects with economic potential. For this purpose, RhySearch participates in a supra-regional scientific network of universities and research institutes and maintains an exchange with start-ups as well as with smaller and larger companies.


Your sparring partner for your innovative idea


Through our connections to the industry, universities and research institutes, we can show you possible solutions for the implementation of your projects.


You have

...an idea - for a new product, an more efficient process, a new technology, a business challenge,

... an interest in our trend topics,

... a topically problem.

RhySearch has... 

... the team and the know-how

... the technological equipment

... the knowledge of how innovations can be financed and publicly funded.


From the idea...


We support you on your individual path to innovation - and this path begins with a non-binding initial consultation. We can offer this free of charge, as well as the initial clarifications made afterwards - thanks to our position as an institution under public law and our mission to be the point of contact for comprehensive research and innovation support.


  • we concretize the problem and the technological challenge
  • we deal with the technological environment, developments and trends and clarify the market potential
  • we clarify the scientific content
  • we network you with know-how carriers from research and/or the economy
  • we search for potential implementation partners

And what if an idea does not fit RhySearch? We have a strong network and will refer you to our partners who are specialists in your field.

Confidentiality is of course a matter of honor!

... to the innovation project ...

No matter if big or small!

After the idea comes the project: research or innovation project? Public or secret? Big or small? With RhySearch, you are in good hands.

Together with you, we develop new knowledge and stimulate innovative developments. We offer specific services for innovations in the field of precision manufacturing technology and optical coating. 

Our wide range of services includes:

  • Consulting, planning or coaching for orders and services
  • Feasibility studies
  • prototype and small series production
  • directly financed or subsidized R&D projects 
  • Consortia projects with several partners from research and industry - perennial research and development projects partly funded with federal funds


... to the innovation


An innovation project is considered successful if your new product or process achieves an impact on your buyer market at the end of the project. In this way, you secure a competitive advantage and we have developed scientific know-how. It is important to work towards this goal right from the start.


And the financing?

Innovation projects are often subject to major risks. We manage these with our solid scientific working methodology  and the use of public funding for projects with smaller and larger companies:.

  • special funding - to clarify project ideas at an early stage in an uncomplicated but sound way.
  • directly funded - commissioned by a business partner.
  • co-financed by companies and public funding - mostly from Innosuisse, federal departmental research, European research programs.
  • supported by foundations - in special cases.

Rely on our experience, we will find the right funding for your project.


Together we define: 

  • what impact the innovation will have on your company's customers
  • the goal and scope of the project
  • possible partners and the environment
  • the time schedule
  • necessary technologies
  • dependencies and risks
  • necessary scientific know-how and expert knowledge
  • intellectual property rights
  • contractual arrangements
  • and last but not least financing:
    • indirect funding by the public sector 
    • direct funding for projects where secrecy is paramount


Accompanied patent search with the IPI


Is your idea new and has the potential to be patented?


With us you can book accompanied patent search with the Institute of Intellectual Property (IPI).



Take advantage of RhySearch's ability to identify and respond appropriately to the latest trends. We help you solve technical challenges.


 We are looking forward to your inquiry

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