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In the field of optical coating, a wide range of infrastructure is available to you, complemented by competent scientific know-how. We will be happy to support you in coating design for various applications and in the development of coating processes. We are also happy to advise and support you in the qualification of suppliers and the development of production processes.

All equipment is also available for service orders.

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Ion beam coating (Ion Beam Sputtering; IBS)

The ion beam sputtering process is known as a suitable technology for the production of high-quality optical coatings. The particles impinging on the substrate have higher kinetic energies compared to other PVD coating technologies. This enables particularly dense, long-term stable and low-loss coatings on various substrates.

Using the dual ion beam technology (DIBS) available at RhySearch, the properties of the coatings can be improved even further. In most cases, atoms are removed from metallic target materials in order to deposit and densify the layer material on the substrate with the addition of oxygen. For high precision deposition and thickness control, our system is equipped with the latest broadband and single wavelength optical monitoring system. The system has been supplemented with an active cooling system.

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Atomic Layer Deposition (Atomic Layer Deposition - ALD)

Atomic layer deposition is a key technology for the industry to conformally coat free-form (e.g. highly curved) geometries and high aspect ratio substrates.  ALD technology enables accurate sub-nm layer deposition and is ideal for the production of high-quality niche and low-volume products of components for optical applications.

RhySearch is pioneering ALD technology for optical applications in Switzerland with running a state-of-the-art ALD coating system. The equipment enables both thermal and plasma ALD processes. In addition, an RF bias control on the substrate enables the adjustment of a wide range of coating parameters, such as density of the material or refractive index.

Research coating plant ForZA

RhySearch is investing in a new research coating tool that can be used to investigate novel materials and processes. The influence of different coating parameters, substrate pre-treatment and post-treatment on the optical and structural properties of thin films and multilayer systems can be investigated in depth with high flexibility.


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