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A measuring station is made fit for the future
New control system for the LIDT measuring station in cooperation with the ESA institute at OST

The LIDT measuring station is the centrepiece of RhySearch's Optical Characterization Center. Every year, numerous optical components are destructively tested here for their laser resistance. Many companies in regional industry benefit from this, but LIDT characterization also plays an important role for internal services and funded research projects. A new control system will make the measuring station fit for future requirements. 


HEROES – High Laser Power High Reflective Coatings

Development of highly reflective coatings for net-zero production in sheet metal processing 

As part of the HEROES project - High Laser Power High Reflective Coatings - RhySearch and Bystronic, the leading machine manufacturer in sheet metal processing, are pooling their expertise. Highly reflective coatings are intended to optimize laser cutting processes, reduce costs and enable net-zero production.  


Reproducible production of thin ITO layers

Goal: New markets for the optoelectronics industry 

Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) is highly conductive and transparent. Because of these properties, it is widely used in the optoelectronics industry. Several companies in our region are already engaged in utilizing comparable layers. A basic research project by ETH Zurich and RhySearch has provided new insights into the manufacturing process, which should enable companies to enter new markets in the long term. 


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Development of a coating technology for the production of dielectric optical interference filters for multispectral imaging with high throughput and yield. 

With "Magnificoat", the technology of magnetron sputter coating systems was successfully optimized. A key challenge in the project was to manufacture complex filter systems and produce a high number of layers with maximum accuracy and repeatability. Among other things, a process for producing a new coating system using the magnetron sputtering method was developed and registered for patent.  

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Developping processes for the production of quantized nanolaminates from  various material combinations.

The "Magnificoat" project at RhySearch was successfully completed in 2023. It led to groundbreaking innovations in coating technology, including the development of completely new types of coatings using the magnetron sputtering process, known as quantized nanolaminates (QNL). The follow-up project "Quintessence" is now set to bring QNL technology to production maturity. 



Emerging ALD Technology for the Swiss Optics Industry

Atomic layer deposition (ALD) could enable the uniform coating of free-form surfaces in the optical industry. RhySearch conducted research with several partners to solve the challenging issues in this field. The aim of EMERALD was to develop innovative, cost-efficient ALD manufacturing processes for the optical industry. 



Practical control and temporal monitoring of dielectric coating processes

PRACMATIC focuses on finding practical, industrial methods to eliminate particle formation during dielectric coating deposition and on developing robust, easy-to-use and cost-effective in-process diagnostic tools and software to monitor coating processes and particle generation.

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New Insights from Innovative Research Facility

On March 22, 2022, a significant milestone was achieved: RhySearch's research facility "ForzA" for thin film deposition was put into operation for the first time. The eagerly anticipated ignition of Bühler's integrated ion beam source was successful. By achieving ultrahigh vacuum conditions in the coating chamber, research questions related to thin film deposition were addressed.

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