has been recognised as an eligible research institution by Innosuisse - Swiss Innovation Agendy since 2017.



RhySearch is a public institution. It is supported by the canton of St. Gallen and the Principality of Liechtenstein. Its Board of Directors is responsible for the strategic management of the Research and Innovation Centre, while the operational side of the centre is in the hands of a committed team. In May 2013, a support association was set up in business circles with the task of increasing the awareness of RhySearch and firmly establishing the research and innovation centre through the pooling of industry-specific interests. Since 2017, we have been recognised as an eligible research institution by Innosuisse (formerly CTI), the innovation promotion agency of the Swiss Confederation.


To fulfil its mandate, RhySearch networks with existing research and educational institutions, forming a technology cluster that can manage large-scale research assignments and technology transfer. It also provides companies with a single contact point for comprehensive research and innovation support. In the area of applied research and development, RhySearch is currently focusing on the two focal points of optical coatings and precision manufacturing.  These are supported by the third focus area, Digital Innovation, which helps to make the most of the potential of digitalisation in the core areas. 


For years Switzerland has been listed in top positions in various rankings for the development of intellectual property and generating new ideas. However, the country can further optimise its potential in terms of implementing these developments and ideas in actual applications. That is exactly why the RhySearch initiative was set up. Innovation is not only a criterion for economic success; it also determines the competitiveness in national and international markets. This is especially true for the region of the Alpine Rhine valley, home to numerous high-tech companies of different sizes.

In 2012, the cantonal parliament of St. Gallen and the Liechtenstein Landtag (state parliament) gave their approval for the project. On November 25, 2012, the residents in the canton of St. Gallen were called upon to vote on this project. In the framework of the referendum for "Joining the Agreement on the Rhine Valley Research and Innovation Centre", the residents showed their overwhelming support with 76.9 per cent voting in favour.

All of the voting documents of the canton of St. Gallen with further background information can be found here (German).

After the positive outcome of the referendum, the path to setting up the RhySearch initiative was clear. RhySearch started work on the OST Buchs campus on April 1, 2013.

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