Annual Report 2020

Unusual, but exciting; challenging, yet successful: The year 2020 was one we at RhySearch will not soon forget. This has not only, but of course also to do with the Corona pandemic. But we don't want to dwell on this topic, because we are very pleased that 2020 was very positive for RhySearch - and we mean that in the best sense of this currently much-used little word!

In its eighth year, the RhySearch team was able to work with our industrial and research partners on around 30 projects. We expanded our infrastructure with the acquisition of two new systems, and were pleased to welcome several new staff members. We were even able to hold events at the beginning of the year and in autumn, while the other months we maintained our network mainly online and often from the home office.

With project reports, infographics, facts and figures, we will guide you through our 2020 business year in this report. We are taking a slightly different approach than before, and hope you like it. In any case, we have enjoyed reviewing the RhySearch year. And we are already busy collecting new exciting stories for the 2021 annual report. For now, however, we wish you good reading, a pleasant summer and of course: stay healthy!

Download the Annual Report (German version only)

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