RhySearch's 10-Year Anniversary Celebration

In 2013, the Research and Innovation Center Rheintal, known as "RhySearch," was established in Buchs (SG). Therefore, on August 31, 2023, the 10th anniversary was celebrated with guests from the region, politics and the industry, as well as research partners and supporters. Over the past decade, a unique infrastructure and expertise have been developed for pioneering research services, benefiting the regional industry. RhySearch looks forward with anticipation to a future filled with discoveries, advancements, and successes.

The primary goal of the Research and Innovation Center RhySearch, initiated a decade ago, has been to conduct research and thus strengthen the industry's innovation capacity in the Rhine Valley. Meanwhile, a unique technical infrastructure and personnel expertise have been established, focusing on Optical Coating (Optical Coating and Characterization Lab) and Precision Manufacturing (Ultra-Precision Manufacturing Lab). The combination of ultra-precise manufacturing techniques with optical coatings represents a unique feature not only regionally but also throughout Europe.

The institute's industrial partners span across various process chains, encompassing diverse fields such as optics, sensing, manufacturing technology, high vacuum technology, photonics, and the semiconductor industry. These areas hold significant relevance for future technologies such as chip and sensor manufacturing or artificial intelligence. In the Rhine Valley, many of these industries are represented by highly specialized and innovative companies.

"RhySearch is an impressive testament to the close and successful cross-border collaboration between Switzerland and Liechtenstein, as we celebrate their 100th anniversary this year," emphasized Sabine Monauni, Deputy Government Representative of Liechtenstein, in her address. "When we reflect on what has been achieved thus far, I am confident that RhySearch will continue to play a significant role in research and development for the region and beyond in the years ahead."

Adding to this sentiment, Beat Tinner, Councilor and Head of the Department of Economic Affairs for the Canton of St. Gallen, stated, "RhySearch is a significant research partner for our companies. With the Switzerland Innovation Park East and the planned chair at Empa, RhySearch is contributing to positioning Eastern Switzerland as an innovative, future-oriented location."

Since its inception, RhySearch has adhered to a clear principle and will continue to do so in the future: innovations should not only be explored in theory but also practically implemented in the market to create sustainable value for its corporate partners. This commitment will remain at the forefront of all its activities in the years to come.

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